Articles by Andrew Buss

My writings have been published in MidWest Outdoors, Indiana Game & Fish along with several websites, including all writings found on The R & B Bass Circuit website. I am the author for Megaware's Blog as well. 

2016 FLW Costa Adventures

"Oneida Lake" The third and final stop on the FLW Costa series was exceptionally tough to endure. I am proud I did endure, but sure wish the breaks would have gone the other way. If you have ever struggled on the water, you'll appreciate this.

"1000 Islands" A destination on every angler's bucket list, and the second stop of the FLW Costa series. It brought challenges, disappointment, and success. "Crap Happens," but that is no reason quit. See how I handled some "crap."

"Potomac River"  The first stop on the FLW Northern Costa Series took place just south of our country's capital, and it could not have gone much better. Finishing in the top 30 put me in great position to qualify for the 2017 FLW Tour.

Personal FavoritesWriting articles often introduces me to great people and/or unique experiences. Below are some of my favorite pieces.

"Moments that Happen" On September 19, 2015, I launched on Lake Erie with the goal of determining a pattern to compete in the Bassmaster Northern Open. Instead, I ended up calling the Canadian Coast Guard to save my life.

"Stik to the Basics" This article was posted on the BPS blog and focuses on a hard lesson I learned while competing in the Bassmaster Northern Open on Lake Oneida during August 2015. Had I considered throwing the bait responsible for more fish than any other lure, I would have found my pockets thicker.

"Grades are In, and the Grade is a Z8" An honest account of my experiences and feelings after one year as an owner of a Nitro Z8.

"Louie Stout: A Deal in Hope"  As editor of Bassmaster Magazine and outdoors editor of the South Bend Tribune, Stout has seen and experienced it all. Learn what he has discovered about fishing and life.

"Standing up to a Bully"  I had the privilege of participating in the first annual Lake Michigan Big Bass Bash on Southern Lake Michigan. We did well by placing second place, and I learned the big lake does not warrant intimidating reputation it has.

"Drop Shot Hooks Angler"  Written for the website Bass Resource, this article is an informative article about the drop shot rig; however, it holds sentimental value as it was the first article I wrote. I have now authored dozens.

2018 Open Tournaments

"FLW Costa - Lake Champlain" my first of two open tournaments on Lake Champlain saw a lot of fish caught, but pour decisions made during the tournament. Lots of video of the good, bad, and ugly accompany this article.